Microsoft Word Template Design & Create


Fresh Interactive top three tips for your Word Template

  1. Clarity is everything, use plenty of white space.
  2. Avoid long winded titles and repetition. Keep title areas small to encourage concise thinking.
  3. Always use a table of contents when there are likely to be more than 3 content pages.



We started being asked to create Word templates by branding and design companies about 10 years ago, and it has been popular ever since.

This year we have built and Policy and Procedure document templates and in 50 % of the cases populated them for clients as diverse as Tesco, Ability Housing Association and a local authority.

Either we will design a word template, or a design agency will send us a design. We will appraise the design to see if it will work as a Word template and it is then passed to the client for approval. We then go ahead and create the word template document.

Sometimes the client company has 100's of documents that need to be in the new template design, guidance and policy documents for example, and we can make that happen too.

Smart Word editable features we can deploy for you:

  Locked areas that the staff user can't change.
  Charts that follow a nice graphic design, up-datable by the client.
  Tables to your own style

Areas that staff don't need to edit can be locked, preserving the integrity of the design of the document. These can be unlocked with a password.

Type the document title once. We can make this appear on each page or anywhere that the clients wants it and it need only be typed by the client once, on the front page for example. The same for Document Version, Author, Subject, Number of pages and a whole plethora of other items. Just ask us.