PowerPoint Presentation


Haywards Heath College Promotional PowerPoint Presentation

Haywards Heath - an important college in the heart of sussex needs to get its message across with a well designed PowerPoint presentation.

Outline: Promoting the college to attract new students is the lifeblood of any institution.

Brief: The college already had a PowerPoint presentation which was given to potential students every year. The presentation was produced by a class teacher and it was revamped every year. It was felt by the college that the standard of design was not up to that expected by discerning 15 year olds and so they approached PowerPoint specialists Fresh Interactive.

Approach: Working with the Principal and the college marketing team the key points that needed to be made were identified. As much as possible was removed from the old PowerPoint presentation and new slides designed to help the speaker emphasise the points that had been missed.

Result: A strong swell of interest was felt at the college the new image not only attracted new students but made the staff feel even better about the college. The college is also positioned as a user of modern effective well designed media.

From ideas put forward by Fresh a new advertising slogan immerged that appealed to students for several years afterwards.