Case Study - Sussex University


When your market is in India and your University is in Sussex what do you do?.

Outline: Sussex University School Of Engineering attract students from all over the word.

Brief: Produce a promotional CD-ROM about the school including video material already gathered by the university as well as video produced by Fresh using professional actors and camera crew.

Approach: Through discussions with the marketing team the needs of the prospective students were decided upon and the computers available to them specified.

An interactive brochure and advertising sequence were designed and developed and video sequences were compressed to allow for the equipment available throughout the world. 5000 disks were pressed and distributed.

Result: An increased number of students was attracted over and above previous marketing efforts and the school was fully subscribed.

Presentation & PowerPoint

Fresh bring great design, structure, movement and experience to your important PowerPoint presentation.

Websites & DataBases

websites should achieve results, be well designed, usable, accessible and have content controlled by you.

Interactive CD ROM

The whole process, from original concept, creation of content, packaging design and pressing.