Case Study - Varndean 6th Form College


Varndean 6th Form College PowerPoint Presentation

Attracting students is the name of the game in education these days. A powerful presentation package can make all the difference

Outline: Varndean 6th Form College is an important further education college based in Brighton and has an exceptional reputation.

Brief: Fresh were asked to design two PowerPoint presentations, one for the parents and one for potential students.

Approach: A thorough study was made of the audience, the local environment and the college to ascertain the ideas, message and content that would be used. This was reinforced by many techniques including animation, video, music and speech.

A presentation was prepared specifically to meet the emotional needs of the parents while prospective students were engaged by a presentation designed soley for them.

Result: a 25% increase in applications to the college in the first year. The college is positioned as a user of modern effective well designed media and demand continues to rise.

Presentation & PowerPoint

Fresh bring great design, structure, movement and experience to your important PowerPoint presentation.

Websites & DataBases

websites should achieve results, be well designed, usable, accessible and have content controlled by you.

Interactive CD ROM

The whole process, from original concept, creation of content, packaging design and pressing.