PowerPoint Presentation Specialists


Animation & Movement

Changing objects relationship to each other is a powerful way to achieve a perception shift. We can use built in Powerpoint tools so animation won't break the bank. We also work with professional animators if you want to go the whole way.

Exhibition & Conference Presentations

If you are presenting at an academic or commercial conference we can give you the profesional look you need. Or we can make a rolling screensaver or interactive presentation for your exhibition display stand.







PowerPoint Presentation Design Specialists

We can re-work your existing presentation deck and give it professional design, animation and structure. Or, starting from scratch we can create with you a focused presentation that will leave no doubts in the mind of your audience.

"Fresh-Interactive are one of the most professional and responsive companies I have ever worked with"

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For internal PowerPoint presentations with no major implications it can make sense to put together some amateur PowerPoint slides yourself over the weekend.

If you are still on this page then like our other clients you clearly realise the benefits of top quality graphic design and specialist professional experience in getting the message across.

Fast presentation turnaround times are sometimes possible
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For full, rich media presentations and workshops, we can arrange voice over, original photographs, shoot video sequences, design 3d models, animation, music and everything required.

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Multi Media Power

We remember 20% of what we hear and up to 80% of what we hear, see and do.

Reading Slides

If your presentation consists of you reading your slides, one, or both of you is redundant.


Know that audience attention peaks at around seven minutes and rises again near the end.