PowerPoint Presentation Specialist Design


Presentation Strategy

This is a quick guide for those formulating a large important presentation from scratch, to be built by a professional company, hopefully Fresh Interactive!

The presentation works in tandem with the speaker(s), backing up and enhancing what they say. It follows then that the presentation material will be and should be of little use on its own.

Create a separate leave behind pack that is designed to be read on its own, and is therefore not just the presentation slides printed out.

Use the visual presentation to show concepts and very important individual detail rather than all the detail. Any research, detailed analysis or contracts etc. can be in your leave behind.

Only include numerous tables of figures or graphs in the presentation if your point is that you have gathered large amounts of data and done your home work. It is better though just to explain or list the research activities undertaken and then show the absolute executive conclusions.

Less is more.

Peak attention in a half an hour presentation is at around 5 - 7 minutes and rises again when the audience know the end is approaching. Use this information.

When visualising your presentation, think in terms of headlines rather than bullet points.

Multi Media Power

We remember 20% of what we hear and up to 80% of what we hear, see and do.

Reading Slides

If your presentation consists of you reading your slides, one, or both of you is redundant.


Know that audience attention peaks at around seven minutes and rises again near the end.