Do It Yourself PowerPoint Presentations


PowerPoint Links

If you are creating your own presentation using PowerPoint then you will find these links useful. WE realy liked one or two of these sites and have become affiliates. These are marked (AF).


Aussie Death by PowerPoint

Home of the famous Gettysburg PowerPoint address

Microsoft's own web-pages for all things PowerPoint

Templates & Designs

Graphic design specialists providing free PowerPoint templates

Thousands of proffesional templates here and some for free. (AF)

Many free PowerPoint designs are available

A PowerPoint presentation online magazine

Sonia Coleman provides quality original PowerPoint designs

A library of free PowerPoint templates that can be selected by theme

A quick way of generating your own templates

Free PowerPoint templates that have previously been used in presentations

Hundreds of PowerPoint templates available for download

Free PowerPoint templates covering most popular themes


Multi Media Power

We remember 20% of what we hear and up to 80% of what we hear,see and do.

Reading Slides

If your presentation consists of you reading your slides, one, or both of you is redundant.


Know that audience attention peaks at around seven minutes and rises again near the end.